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Metrology Lab Services: Prepare Your Instruments For Calibration

If your instruments display inaccurate results or measurements each time you use them, you may seek metrology lab services soon. Metrology lab services can calibrate your instruments for you. However, you must prepare your instruments and tools properly before a provider calibrates them. Learn about metrology lab services and how you can prepare your instruments for them below.

Why Are Metrology Lab Services Important? 

Every factory, laboratory, or business that uses measuring instruments for work must keep its tools in good working order. Instruments that repeatedly display the wrong measurements or perform poorly can be potentially dangerous over time. The instruments may require metrology lab services to correct them.

Metrology lab services describe a wide range of things that improve the functions, readability, and performance of all types of measuring instruments, including multimeters, thermometers, and temperature scales. The services allow a laboratory company to test and calibrate each instrument properly. A lab can also alert you to things that may cause issues with your instruments in the future, such as damaged electrical wiring and gas leaks.

You can obtain the metrology lab services you need by contacting a provider directly. Until a company schedules you for services, you can go ahead and prepare your instruments for calibration.

How Do You Prepare Your Tools for Calibration?

Most metrology lab service providers require their customers to clean and prepare their instruments thoroughly before they ship or submit them for calibration. Instruments that contain rust, dirt, dents, or other defects may be difficult to calibrate properly. In most cases, the defective instruments may not perform well even after a company calibrates them.

If some of your instruments contain defects on them, repair them right away. You may be able to obtain the services of a technician to assist you with the repairs. After you repair your instruments, contact a metrology lab service provider for instructions on how to ship or submit your instruments for calibration.

A provider may ask you to use special shipping boxes or containers for your tools. A provider may send you containers or boxes directly, or they may give you instructions on how to obtain the containers or boxes you need for your instruments.

After you obtain your containers or boxes, you must label them properly before you ship them to a lab. You may be able to print the shipping labels you need directly from a provider's site. A metrology lab service provider can help you with the shipping labels if needed.

Learn more about metrology lab services and how to prepare for them by contacting a company like Applied Calibration Services